We really enjoyed the sightseeing tour in Bratislava, it was very informative. Good way to build on what we had already seen.
Hi, it was good to meet you this morning and get that last tickets for tomorrow’s cruise. Thank you also for all the additional information and the handy map of Bratislava. I’ve enjoyed my day so far. Thanks!
Use the Twin City Liner to take a short day trip to Bratislava Slovakia. I had a seat in the 9-passenger Captain’s Lounge and it was truly a beautiful trip down the Danube River. A MUST DO!
Best place to plan your city tour in Bratislava! Me and my partner went there to look for cruises on Danube. We met a lovely sales and marketing manager Adriana who personally helped us to plan our tour that day so that we manage to see everything we want (and more!) and at the best time. Our trip plan was ready in a blink of an eye and it couldn’t be any better. If you want to make sure that your day in Bratislava goes without unwanted surprises this is the first place you go to!
Was recently in Bratislava with a friend and we ended up at Floratours, which is very close to the city centre. The lady there (Isabella) was absolutely lovely, as were all her staff. She got us set up with a city tour on a miniature train and also organised tickets for us back to Vienna on the Twin City Liner. Everyone spoke beautiful English and they were really keen for us to get the most out of our visit to their beautiful city. If I was in Bratislava again and had time to explore the rest of the country, Floratours is definitely where I would go to make the arrangements. Would absolutely recommend to others!
We originally planned to take the train to Vienna however the boat was faster, taking into account it left from the city centre, and the views were far better. It was a great trip. I’d recommend paying the extra to book the front row seats. Extra leg room and comfort.