School trips

Out of school with FLORA TOUR

Let’s go out of school for our strolls and discover magical places of the Danube region! If you are planning a school trip, here are 9 one-day experiential learning excursions with an unforgettable programme. For those who are looking for something different, FLORA TOUR offers also tailor-made services to make your school trip totally extraordinary. Our tour consultants will be pleased to help you to arrange the most appropriate programme that will suit your interests, time and budget.

Our programmes give you a chance to experience history on your own and strengthen compulsory education in a funny way. On trips you get to know history and culture of the Danube region, but also natural beauties as well as mysterious stories that will be uncovered by our professional guides. By our vintage buses you can travel back in time to different historic periods –you can try on your own how people used to live in the Middle Ages, discover old historic castles and ruins of castles hidden in the forests of the Small Carpathian Mountains, explore splendid nature, you can try how the life tasted during the wartime in Europe in an underground bunker, and much more.

Make your trip extra special! If you want to make your school trip a bit different, it is possible to book our vintage Orange Bus that brings to life older and younger history!

Let the charm of mysterious stories overflow us!