Sightseeing tour – up to the castle

Bratislava on the wheels of a special tourist sightseeing vehicle!

Explore Bratislava’s treasures and be seduced by the magic of Bratislava on the wheels of a stylish tourist bus! This tour is without doubt a great possibiliy for those who travel to the capital for the first time. This unique tourist vehicle offers a complete overview of the most famous sights comfortably and without any worries. The one-hour tour starting from the Concert Hall Reduta goes round the historic centre up to the Bratislava Castle – probably the most visited monument in Bratislava. And what else will you see besides the Castle? You will pass such sights as the former building of the Slovak National Theatre, the St. Martin´s Cathedral, the Old Market Hall, Kostol Navštívenia Panny Márie a kláštor Milosrdných bratov (Church and Monastery of the Brothers Hospitallers), Kostol Najsvätejšej Trojice (Church of the Most Holy Trinity) and many others. During a short break at the Castle you will enjoy beautiful views of the famous Pressburg also from above. Here you can observe how the city has changed throughout history.

prešporáčik na hrade


1 h

Type of vehicle

Historical tourist vehicle

Price - adults

10 euro

Price - kids

5 euro


Season All year
Departure Regular hourly intervals, according to interest, from 9 am to 6 pm
Duration Approx. 1 hour
Place of departure Historical building of the Slovak National Theatre
Place of arrival Historical building of the Slovak National Theatre
Languages Slovak, English, German, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Turkish, Esperanto
The tour includes Audio guided sightseeing tour with a short break at the Castle (approx. 10 minutes)


The tours are possible to combine with wide spectrum of activities, events or other services. Upon request we can arrange you restaurant services, tasting of local specialities, accomodation services, lease of spaces, visit of theatre, dance and musical events, city festivals, other entertainmnent activities and a lot more!


Hear out how Bratislava sounds at one of the private concerts in one of its palaces or churches! Upon request it is possible to extend a tour by a folk, entertaining (film or musical) or classical music events. Ideal for groups!


Do you dream of a walk tour under the night heaven? Undertake with us a Wander in night Pressburg!


Let allure yourself for an unique taste of slovak beer and combine your tour with a beer tasting! The tasting of superb craft beer in a local brewery with long-time tradition, in which each beer gourmet finds, what he likes.


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