Tourist sightseeing vehicle

Let yourself be seduced by history on the board of the stylish sightseeing bus.

Are you planning a family or business party? Book the tourist vehicle for special occasions and start to celebrate already on the board of this unique bus. Let us inspire you how to throw the best party ever.

Memory that lasts a lifetime? Get on Bratislava’s famous tourist sightseeing vehicle and enjoy a stylish historic drive wherever and whenever you wish! Rain or shine, this bus is always ready to hit the road.

Type of vehicleNumber of vehiclesCapacity
Sightseeing bus
Tourist vehicle127 seats
Tourist vehicle227 seats
Tourist vehicle332 seats
Tourist vehicle432 seats
Together4118 seats

Regular tours by the tourist sightseeing vehicle

Join us for fascinating sightseeing tours by the charming tourist bus that takes you to magical places in Bratislava! It’s an easy and funny way to explore the city.