Expert on the Danube

Welcome to the country we fell in love with! If you desire to explore fascinating history, spend your holiday in an authentic countryside, visit events, take a rest in untouched nature or take adrenaline adventures, the Danube Region has so much to offer. Nicely preserved cultural heritage, breathtaking natural sceneries, unique atmosphere of small port towns on the Danube – all of that you can find in our region. The choice is all yours!

Why visit this region?

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River cruises

Special experience on the waves of the Danube

The best way to get to know the region is to sail on the waves of the Danube! There are so many possibilities of cruises you can choose for discovering the region – from adrenaline drives by speedboats through river cruises for those who love comfort and elegancy. Besides the unique boat atmosphere you will enjoy enchanting views of the Danube nature and cultural monuments along the river that absolutely take your breath away. Four capitals lying on the river – Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade and also small picturesque port towns are great places to wander or organise a congress and conference.

Historic gems of the Danube region

Surrounded by history

The Danube is not only the river, but also old city centres, historical buildings, museums, galleries, ancient castles and forts. All these beauties are worth visiting when you travel to the region. Known as the heart of Europe, the region is full of fascinating history and culture that attract tourists from all over the world. It offers various possibilities for every history lover. Walking on the royal path of Hungarian kings and queens, you can admire the most popular sites such as the Bratislava Castle or the St. Martin Cathedral. Or if you prefer less known tourist spots, you can get lost and discover the region´s secrets hidden in the countryside. If you are a little bored with typical tourist attractions and you´re looking for something a bit different, in the region there are numerous somewhat absurd gems of the recent Communist period. If you see them you won’t believe your eyes.



Untouched nature

Moments in the embrace of nature

From the hills and valleys to the flat plains of the Black Sea, the Danube flows through diverse and picturesque natural landscapes. Therefore you find here so many diverse places that are worth exploring. Outside the capital of Bratislava you can take an active rest in the tourist unexplored nature – in the forests of the Small Carpathian Mountains. It offers a wide range of hiking trails and bike races that are easy on children and inexperienced hikers. Without doubt, you will explore plenty of unique species on bird watching expeditions or tourist expeditions in the Donau-Auen National Park preserving the last remaining major wetlands in Central Europe. So enjoy the charm of the Danube country and listen to the voice of nature.

Traditions and gastronomy

Authentic experience

If you´re looking for an authentic experience the Danube region is the right place for you. Many small towns and villages still retain their traditions and traditional way of life. You can see how the famous wine-growers produce delicious wines on the slopes of the Small Carpathians; the descendants of Habans make traditional pottery products in the old majolica manufactures; water wheels of the Danube mills are spun by old millers to commemorate the famous “floury” times of the Danube. If you want to know how folk music sounds or what Slovak folk dances look like, there are also numerous popular folk events that will make you a part of the tradition in a spectacular way. You can experience the true taste of this region on tastings of traditional gastronomic specialities.



Active recreation

Beautiful place to clear your mind

Do you need to “recharge your batteries”? The Danube region is a perfect place to relax and re-energize – there are many possibilities for active visitors as well as for those who want to indulge themselves. If you prefer to refresh your body, you should visit one of the numerous thermal baths or famous Slovak spa towns with a long tradition in using thermal waters. Try the healing effects of thermal mineral waters on your own skin! Or do you prefer active recreation? Let yourself be tempted by active sport activities and enjoy the Danube to the fullest! It´s a great way to freshen up your stay during hot summer days. All your worries will swim away.

Just come and experience!